Time Collection

Employees Clocking in
Shouldn’t Stress You Out

Nearly 80% of workers are considered “deskless” – and we recognize that your company has its own unique combination of remote, mobile, hourly, shift, and salaried workers. Manual time collection risks payroll errors and re-work, as well as time theft. Not to mention that compliance and health and safety regulations are more top of mind than ever before. That’s why we offer innovative and flexible time collection options and supporting features so that you can have the right combination to meet your company’s needs.

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Time Collection on Desktop and Mobile

You Have Choices


Lease or purchase a variety of clocks and configurations, including photo capture, touchless options, badge reading, attestation support, and thermal temperature scanning.

Kiosk Tablet

A preconfigured, securely enclosed tablet can record punches, capture employee photos, and screen with attestation prompts (e.g. lunches, health symptoms, injuries).

Employee Self Service/Mobile

Employees can conveniently clock in and out and answer attestation prompts from the same place they view pay stubs, submit time-off requests and more – including from a mobile device. They can even punch when offline.


Realize the full potential of our time sheets by assigning time to specific jobs, projects, cost centers, labor levels, and more.

Our innovative new time clock helps ensure the health, safety, and productivity of your organization. It can be customized to include features from badge readers to photo capture to fingerprint scanners, thermal temperature scanning, and more. Foster employee well-being, and enhance productivity with contactless options.

Double Down on Security and Compliance

Help avoid buddy punching with fingerprint scan, facial recognition, or photo capture.

Ensure employees can only punch in when and where you want
them to with geofencing, IP restrictions, or clock restrictions.

Include questions prior to clock-in to help enforce compliance, health, and
safety policies. Alert supervisors and prevent punches if needed.

Assess employee health using thermal temperature scans and use
attestation prompts for follow-up questions (i.e., recent exposure or symptoms).

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