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Ensure Fair, Competitive Pay

Your employees work hard for you. Many factors go into their job satisfaction, including a fair compensation plan. Use our Compensation Management tool to reward your employees while keeping your organization’s bottom line top of mind. Allocate budgets that align with business goals and work with supervisors to make decisions together on pay. We give you the compensation analysis and insights you need so you can pay your employees fairly and accurately.

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Recruit Stronger Talent with Compensation Management

Compensation Management Tools That Do More for Your People

Budget Management

Allocate overall budget and participant eligibility for the plan(s) to ensure alignment with organizational goals, and view budget summaries.


Implement automated compensation plan(s), helping you move from a paper-driven management process to a streamlined, electronic one.


Use customized dashboards to see performance and compensation history at custom permission levels (Administrator, Manager, etc.).

Total Rewards

Increase pay transparency for the modern workforce. Show the full value of their compensation and benefits by seamlessly creating and sharing employee-facing statements.

Make Well-Informed Merit Increase Decisions

Use your company's customized reason codes for merit increases, one-time bonus payments, cost of living increases, and more. Compensation management data and insights provide guidance to customize merit plans based on your pay cycles. Allocate overall budget and participant eligibility for the plans to ensure alignment with organization goals. And configure plan guidelines and processes with automated approval workflows.

Useful for Everyone

Payroll Manager

Administrators can configure the plan’s population and eligibility requirements, proration rules, and automated approval process.

Managers and Supervisors

Supervisors can easily manage their budget and distribute increases accordingly by drilling down into performance, pay history, and more.

Executives and Leaders

Leadership has an executive view across their reporting structure to see a breakdown of team budgets and payment allocations.


Data Insights

Monitor key metrics, identify trends, and make smarter, data-backed decisions with visual dashboards.


Get the most out of your workday with the freedom to connect to Paylocity anywhere, at any time.


Have the flexibility to choose the software and systems that are best for your business and talk to each other.