Premium Video Solutions for HR

Connect like never before

From video chat to video documentation, the way we work has shifted toward more-efficient and, dare we say, more-effective workplace experiences to keep us connected. Because creating meaningful connections matters more now than ever.

Bring HR communications to life with video in Paylocity products.

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Experience a More Dynamic Way to Connect

What is said is important, but so is the "how." Words alone can leave a lot to interpret. By using integrated video, employees, leaders and job candidates can put a face with a name. A message with the messenger. A deeper understanding and contentedness to what is being shared.

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Personalize Communication

Of course being together is great, but you can still allow employees to share and consume updates, easily from within the products they already use. Swapping words for video in places like job postings and project updates, offering onboarding videos and utilizing video email makes communications personal again.

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Share More. Stress Less.

Cut through the clutter of written communication with video messages to many or one, from our secure, all-in-one platform. If you want help nailing your first take, you can even add a script to the teleprompter.

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Boost Employee Engagement, Learning, and More with Video

In a modern workplace, video is a powerful tool to motivate your workforce and boost collaboration, morale, engagement, and productivity.

Modernizing the Employee Lifecycle with Technology

Improve the employee experience and create connections at every stage of the lifecycle with modern, integrated solutions.

Level Up Engagement, Learning, and Performance with Video

When it comes to keeping your employees’ attention, asynchronous video could be the key to enhanced communication, engagement, learning, and performance at work.

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