Modern Workforce Index

"Paylocity helps us automate manual tasks, save time for our HR team and our employees, plus improve our decision-making with data and reporting."

Mike Cameron, Global Director of HR, Ungerboeck Software



Now, more than ever, automation and streamlining are imperative as HR teams re-build business processes in the new return-to-work environment. Paylocity’s all-in-one Human Resources Information System platform automates core processes to drive efficiency, as validated by an independent ROI study by Deloitte. And we take it a step further – you can track the utilization and cost savings in the platform!

Leveraging data from more than 25,000 clients, our patent-pending Modern Workforce Index (MWI) puts sophisticated AI into an HR intelligence dashboard that gives your leaders insight into employee sentiment, performance metrics and engagement. With MWI, you can identify gaps and get smart, actionable recommendations on how to improve your organization's health by increasing employee productivity and reducing turnover.



Companies with top-tier MWI scores are seeing tangible results

Paylocity in Action: Blue Ridge Companies 

As Blue Ridge Companies grew, they needed to find creative ways to connect and engage their 300 employees across multiple locations. They turned to Paylocity to help the company connect and engage its on-the-go workforce.  

Read about Blue Ridge

An All-In-One Suite Made for You

modern workforce dashboard on desktop and mobile

Hassle-Free Payroll

Are you overwhelmed with paperwork, legislation, and manually entering data? Partner with a payroll provider that can save you time, money – and a few headaches. Keep your workforce compliant and efficient while you get back to managing your people.   

Let's Talk Payroll
modern workforce dashboard on desktop and mobile

HR That Works for You

We get it. You’re bogged down fulfilling employee requests when you want to be building a recruitment and employee engagement strategy. The good news? Our human capital management (HCM) tool centralizes all your data to help you manage it all.

Human Resources Software

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