Protecting Our Clients

Keeping Your Data Secure Is Non-Negotiable

Delivering a seamless experience to your employees requires us to have access to very important and sensitive data. That's a huge responsibility that we take very seriously, and it's why we embed security into all we do. And we keep you — our customer — at the center of our decisions, the technology we build, the infrastructure we use, and the way we train and hire our people.

See How We Do It

Security Controls and Practices

A lot of different steps and procedures go into creating a culture and environment of security so that your information stays where it belongs. Read about some of the many things we do to protect that precious data — yours and ours.

Prepared for the Unexpected

We don’t have a crystal ball to tell us when events that could disrupt business will happen. However, our Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plans ensure that we are prepared to keep your business running.

AI Ethics Statement

Paylocity focuses on developing artificial intelligence (AI) to streamline HR administration, improve communication, engage with employees, and boost productivity. Paylocity considers the ethical use of data as a core value.

There's More. A lot More.


Enjoy the feelings of confidence and peace of mind when you partner with us for your all-in-one HR and payroll solution, knowing that we have your back when it comes to laws and standards related to security.

Securing Your Data

The security and integrity of your data are our highest priorities. We regularly maintain, review, and test recovery plans and use advanced monitoring technologies at all levels of our applications and infrastructure.

People and Processes

Our people and processes are at the heart of our security culture. We ensure every Paylocity employee undergoes comprehensive training so our clients' security is our number one priority in everything we do.